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Financial Planning for Doctors Sydney


Navigate Wealth Financial Advisers & Planners sydney specialise in providing comprehensive financial advice to doctors, dentists, Pharmacists and medical specialists in sydney. We understand the needs of doctors, dentists, pharmacists & medical professionals and the challenges they face in their careers and in their private practice.  All of our doctor, dentist, pharmacist and medical speciallist clients are advised by Navigate Wealth's Senior Adviser and Managing Director, Peter Alvarez.

Peter works very closely with independent tax advisers, accountants, solicitors and finance professionals who like him have a deep understanding of doctors & dentists taxation, asset protection and financing needs, and the particular challenges they bring. If your accountant is also your Financial Adviser and mortgage broker, give us a call for a complimentary and confidential consultation to experience the Navigate Wealth difference and value of our expert advice in Sydney.


Financial Adviser for Doctors- Peter Alvarez Adviser Profile 


Financial Planning for Doctors and medical specialists

  • Complimentary review of your existing finanical plan, investments, structure and how they can be optimised or made more effective and efficient to help you achieve your financial and life goals


  • After hours personalised service and meetings with the founder of Navigate Wealth, Peter Alvarez who is the Senior Financial Planner Sydney 


  • Specialist knowledge of your profession (we are financial planners for Cardiologists, financial planners for Sonographers, financial planners for Anesthetist, financial planners for GP's, financial planners for Colorectal Surgeons, financial planners for Orthopaedic surgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons) including the particular risks, progression, private practice establishment, optimisation, succession and exit strategies.


  • Investment advice that is industry leading, cost effective, tax effective and asset protected for future generations with a focus on direct investments in direct property (residential & commercial), direct shares and self managed superannuation funds for doctors.


Financial planning for Dentists Sydney


We provide strategic and tactical financial planning advice to dentists and dental practice consulting advice to Dentists from dental graduates to providing financial advice for dentists who are retiring.

 We advise dentists on the following;

Tax advice for Doctors Sydney

At Navigate Wealth, our colleagues are some of Australia's leading taxation specialist to Doctors and Dentists. Don't fall prey to the "one stop shops" who main objective is to maximise their pockets with your fees by provided self serving advice. Seek an introduction to independent tax specialists who are leading Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Accountants and reap the peace of mind and service benefits of integrated and coordinated advice yet from independent professionals with no vested financial interests. Your current assets and future generations wealth depends on the independence of the Professionals and advice you seek today.  

To book a confidential consultation with Peter Alvarez or to get an introduction to an independent tax accountant for doctors contact our office today on Ph 1300 505 565.



Financial Advisors Sydney to doctors, dentists, medical specialists, business executives, business owners and busy professionals in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.


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