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Self managed Super fund Property Loan - Limited recourse borrowing

SMSF property loans, also known as a limited recourse borrowing arrangement is a loan made to self managed super funds to enable them to purchase a more expensive property that the fund would not be able to invest in on their own. It is also a solution if you would prefer to have exposure to other assets other than just having a large percentage of your super monies invested in a single asset (a property).

Many investors have sufficient money in their super to make purchasing an investment property via a self managed super fund a smart investment. However not all have sufficient monies in their super to purchase their preferred investment property or to invest in their preferred suburb. At Navigate Wealth, we advise clients on how to best structure their super fund property finance in order to save interest, pay off their smsf property loan sooner and ensure that the loan is compliant with the various super laws and ATO regulations. Most importantly, our advice ensures that investors are not caught in the many traps that surround borrowing money to invest in a property via your self managed super fund.

We work closely with your existing private banker or mortgage broker or can recommend an independent mortgage broker Sydney to help implement the recommended advice and strategy by selecting the best product available in the market to not only save you thousands in interest but to ensure that the process is as smooth and stress free as possible.

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