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Buying and selling a business or medical practice

Many people normally tend to buy or start a business because of our technical skills rather than our business skills. Therefore, as a potential purchaser of a business one generally tends to view the attractiveness of the business from a technical perspective rather than a business one.

As a buyer of a business you will be confronted with a range of questions that you will need answered:

  • What is the business really worth?
  • How much growth can you derive from the business?
  • How will I fund the purchase/investment?
  • When will I begin to get a return on the investment?
  • How much income or profit do we need to be comfortable?

Whether you’re buying or selling a business, you will generally undertake a similar process – which is the development of a business plan or the evaluation of a pre-existing business plan. Being able to understand the business and financial plan of either an existing business that you are looking to sell or a business you are looking to buy, is imperative to establish its true value.

Navigate Wealth Advisers have teamed up with partner professionals with expertise in Marketing, business valuation, business benchmarking, and business structuring to enable you to make the most of your existing business or your potential new business.



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