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How to Secure your finances when you get Married

financial planning for marriage and de facto relationships sydneyAmong the top five reasons more than half of all marriages fail are the finances. Either the responsibility is not shared because one person dictates them, or one person refuses to take them seriously. A common plan and an effective planning process is the best way to avoid confusion about wealth outcomes and how to best attain them.

Any couple that doesn't recognise the sensitive nature of financial decisions and different money management styles is in big trouble from the beginning – a Navigate Wealth Financial Advisor and planner will be able to provide assistance in understanding your differing styles and provide a framework of discussion to arrive at common ground.

At Navigate Wealth, our Sydney based financial advisors and planners not only understand the economy and financial planning in the current environment, but we also understands the emotional aspects of money, we are the next best thing to a marriage counselor.


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