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Global Financial Crisis

how to build wealth during a financial crisisHow to make money out of the next Global Financial Crisis (GFC)

The best way to survive and thrive during the next global financial crisis is to be prepared for whenever it eventuates.  

No matter how bad the financial markets or the local or global economy gets if you prepare and have a plan in place, you will improve your chances of not only surviving but also protecting your existing capital and growing your wealth.  A plan will help you to adapt to future conditions by modifying your financial management habits and consequently help you to weather the worst of times, coming out stronger when the crisis ends.

Most experts say the previous financial crisis of 2007-2009 was the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s. If history is any indication, the next crisis is likely to be not to far away.

Nearly forty per cent of working Australians do not have enough savings to last them more than one month if they lose their job, as rising joblessness erodes household finances.

According to the recent Dun & Bradstreet Consumer Credit Expectations Survey, almost four in ten Australians would be forced to depend on credit cards to cover their expenses, with younger workers more likely to turn to plastic.

However, regardless of age or income, we at Navigate Wealth Financial Advisors and Planners can take steps right now to ensure that we win the battle for your financial success.

To build your next GFC survival and action plan we will undertake;

  • Review of assets and liabilities
  • Review of cash flows (household, business and investments)
  • Identification of opportunities and threats
  • Implementation of an action plan

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