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Receiving an inheritance can be a fortunate event, but it can impact on yourself and/or your beneficiaries in the following ways: 

  • Impacting entitlements for a beneficiary on a means-tested pension or allowance or who is entitled to a concession card.
  • Creating income-tax liabilities for minors.
  • Creating capital gains tax liabilities for beneficiaries.

The best time to arrange your financial affairs is while you are still alive. This may sound silly but very few people expects to pass away when they eventually do. As such, it is crucial that we plan ahead so that your financial assets are distributed according to your wishes and also taking into account other issues such as tax and financial implications that will likely affect your chosen beneficiaries of your estate.

The use of trusts - including a discretionary trust such as a testamentary trust or a family trust - is one way to ensure that your assets are left according to your wishes and with minimal tax consequences. Another tool to help with estate planning are self managed superannuation funds (SMSF), other than giving individuals greater choice of investments within super (such as direct residential and commercial property) compared to Industry and retail super funds, they can be useful in controlling your estate upon your death.

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