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Financial advice when Starting a family and education needs

A relationship is a partnership. It can't just be a partnership on some things, it has to be everything from raising the kids, to planning the week, to keeping the finances in check.

However, decisions on education can all too often creep up on a family well after children are born resulting in much stress and duress on family budgets. A joint study by the University of Wollongong and Queensland University of Technology in 2005 found that “the cost of education increased by 7.8% per annum between 1982 and 2003 compared to inflation which rose on average by 4.4% per annum”. In today’s ever more competitive world, families can no longer afford to ignore the need for a strong education and extra tuition and its ever increasing financial burden on household budgets.

A Navigate Wealth Adviser will help you to understand how much you will need to allocate today to reap a fruitful and high quality education for your children in the future.

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