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Financial advice for families Sydney - Starting a family

Many couples tend to spend their financial resources & time prior to starting a family in travelling and seeing the world. Although this is great from a personal growth and lifestyle point of view, it is important to note that it does have a finanical cost and/or opportunity cost with regards to your long term wealth creation goals. It is important that you find and strike the right balance, if you are not sure what that is, call our office today to arrange a complimentary consultation to gain insight and clarity on your alternative options and opportunity costs.


Home Loan Debt Elimination
Many couples tend to move in together or purchase an investment property prior to getting married or starting a family. Some couples also tend to purchase a home where they will plan to raise a family. The idea of paying off your home loan more quickly is very appealing and is used by some mortgage brokers as a method of attracting you to their loans. Essentially, there are only four ways to pay off your home loan much faster (we assume you already know the first two);

1. Find a cheaper interest rate (which may or may not exist in today's relatively )


2. Make larger or more regular repayments on your loan.

3. Instead of repaying the home, invest the money in higher growth assets (inside or outside of super) which would give you a better return than the cost (interest rate) of your home loan. 

4. Make more use out of your existing share holdings.


Substantial savings are only achieved by either making additional payments on your mortgage or investing in higher growth assets, selling them in the future and repaying your home loan with the proceeds (profits). By higher growth assets we mean simply Shares and Property. If you believe that buying your home was a good investment, then why not buy a second, third or fourth property?
At Navigate, we understand property cash flows and can help you get clear on the following
-  your current income and taxation position
-  Current investment and personal cash flows
-  getting clear on what the next property investment will cost you now and in the future
-  the various tax benefits that may be applicable to the property you are looking at purchasing
-  Pros and cons of purchasing your next investments via your Super fund or outside of super.
Don’t pay off your home the hard way, speak with a Navigate Wealth Financial Adviser Sydney & Financial Planner today to discuss the pros and cons to owning and cash flowing your next share or property investment to help you pay off your home loan sooner.


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