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Why Seek Financial Advice?

Creating a secure financial future and a quality lifestyle requires more than just deciding to deposit cash in a bank account, investing in shares, property, superannuation or buying the highest value home you can afford.

While these are components in wealth creation, at Navigate Wealth, our Financial Advisers & Planners help you to get clear on your specific goals, advise you on innovative strategies, solutions and investments that not only give you real results but also take the stress and hassles away from implementing the steps needed to get you to your goals.

Our advisers are accessibe and proactive, giving our clients peace of mind knowing they have an adviser they can trust looking after their assets and their retirement. Our ongoing client service and advice take the stresses away that are normally associated with investing and managing a portfolio of investments leaving you free to focus on what is important, be it family, friends, businesses or lifestyle.

A recent survey conducted by CoreData/brandmanagement in July 2010 found that investors that were "advised respondents, are significantly more happy with the manageability, diversification and return of their current investments than those who are unadvised".

Designed to reach your financial potential, our initial and ongoing financial advice is carefully balanced to meet your goals while aiming to expand your current understanding of investments and the various risks that you are likely to face.

We will empower you with the knowledge and strategies to deal with these risks so that your plans remain on track throughout time.

Our Financial planners and advisers understanding of taxation and government legislation ensures investments are structured to effectively compound growth, boost your income in retirement or even to maximise your legacy for future generations.

To take the guess work out of building and securing a quality lifestyle, contact Navigate Wealth financial advisers and planners now.


Why seek advice from Navigate Wealth advisers and planners Sydney?

- Highly experienced and highly qualified (post graduate qualified advisers)

Privately owned- own national AFS licence-332417, privately owned practice with no institutional ownership or institutional contractual restrictions on advice. Our focus is on advice not product manufacturing or sales of products produced by institutions.

- We are independent from accountants, mortgage brokers, solicitors. We do not beleive in the 'one stop shop'. Separate the source of your professional advisers and reap the benefits of strategic advice.

- We are direct investment experts (shares, property & Self managed superannuation funds), this gives our clients higher returns due to lower fees, greater transparency and better control over their taxation, estate planning and asset protection needs.

- We understand direct property and can advise our clients on how best to structure the purchase (inside or outside of their Self managed super fund SMSF) as well as sourcing, researching, shortlisting and negotiating an appropriate property purchase via our sister company Navigate Property Pty Ltd (Property buyers agent service NSW buyers agent RE licence: 1596464)


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Benefits of being a client of Navigate Wealth Financial Advisers and Planners

  • Access to investment advice & expertise
  • Expert insight on how to invest and grow your wealth
  • Help with getting clear on your financial & life goals
  • Expert to discuss your own investments ideas with
  • Convenience & peace of mind of having someone else administer and manage your assets
  • Superior returns and diversification of assets, risk reduction & asset protection
  • Help to maintain disciplne needed to achieving your goals

 Financial planners and advisers to doctors - dentists - medical specialists - busy professionals - family businesses - busy professionals