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Financial Advice for Families Sydney

A couple setting out in life’s journey will go through many life stages. Each stage requires a different financial planning goals and resulting strategies, as the couple deals not only with the issues and expenses faced in that life stage, but as they also prepare for moving into the next phase.
To cope with this journey, the ability to look ahead and plan for the next stages is critical.
Not all couples will go through every stage, but most couples will generally progress through the following stages

  1. Just the two of us
  2. Starting a family
  3. Raising a young family
  4. Seperation and/or Divorce
  5. Empty nesters
  6. Retirement

Unfortunately for many couples, the lifecycle may be interrupted by divorce, death and/or disability of one partner which can negatively impact wealth creation and retirement plans for the family.
For Financial advice for your entire family, contact a Navigate Adviser today to learn more about how you can take advantage of your current life cycle and how you can best prepare yourself for coming lifecycles. 


Financial Advice for Business Owners / Family businesses Sydney

It is common for business owners to neglect their personal financial plan as a result of focusing on their business. Business owners need to plan for their retirement early, as they may not have an employer contributing to their super/retirement like an employee normally would.

A great way to plan for your future is to incorporate your personal financial plan into your business plan, this will help you to create a system to facilitate the continued growth of the business as well as allocating/diverting a portion of profits in a tax effective manner out of your business and investing this outside of your business to provide for your retirement in the most tax effective and efficient means for your retirement. Whilst growing wealth is exciting many business owners fail to protect their assets against the risk of bankruptcy and/or litigation. Self managed superannuation funds are a great vehicle to help facilitate the accumulation of assets outside of your business to ensure a tax effective, and asset protected retirement. We have facilitated many business owners to transfer their commerical, retail and industrial premises into their self managed superannuation funds to ensure their future rental income is asset protected and held in the most tax effective environment.

We can also help business owners with the establishment, review and/or management of a corporate superannuation fund, also known as a small business superannuation plan to minimise the time and burden spent on making superannuation contributions to their staff.

Working with a Navigate Wealth Adviser, we will formulate a plan that fits easily within your existing business goals to ensure that should anything happen to your business, you will not be left without other assets now or in retirement.

The Navigate Wealth 8 steps in business & financial planning Sydney are

1.       Understand the vision/mission of the business and how it may align to your personal financial outcomes.

2.       Review business performance – processes, product and people

3.       Understand working capital and cash flow

4.       Understand or develop a strategy to support or deliver business outcomes

5.       Review the legal and taxation structure

6.       The alignment of the business and personal financial plans

7.       Implement or review existing Succession Plan

8.       Implement or review existing Contingency Plan (Plan B)


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